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The religious house “The Seminary” is open to everybody: women and men of every social class, religious and non religious people, individuals as well as organized groups, believers and non believers open to listening, dialog and debate. It is also open to everyone who is desirous to communicate and to overcome the difficulties of group life, attracted by the peace and the calm of the place. It is necessary to book the rooms through e-mail, specifying the arrival date, the departure date and all the necessities. The reservation must be approved by our staff in order to become efficient. Rooms are available from 12 pm on the arrival day. It is necessary to free the room by 10 am on the departure day.
If it was necessary, the luggage could be deposited in an appropriate room. The direction is not responsible for its contents.
At the check-in it is necessary to give an ID document to our staff who would do a copy. The regulation would be explained to the hosts and a copy would be given to them. Payments must be done at check-in. Reception service and telephone exchange start on Monday and finish on Friday from 9 am to 12:30 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm.
People who need the car park have to reconcile our staff.


Our host must have a respectful behavior for the decorum of the Seminary, for its function and for the preservation of its furniture. Anyway, the behavior must be appropriate according to the religious place that the Seminary is. The direction could make damages and breakdowns up, especially to the furniture of the room. Moreover, management is not responsible for securities left unattended in rooms and in all the other places of the Seminary. It is heartily recommended to avoid annoying noises which could spoil the cohabitation, especially during the night.
It is forbidden to introduce extraneous people in the rooms without the direction authorization.
In the Seminary it is forbidden to bring animals, to smoke, to cook, to use stoves, kettles, electric irons and all the other objects which are potentially dangerous.
Radios and tape players must be on low volume, especially after 10 pm.
Every complaint must be presented in writing to the direction.
The car park is reserved for the hosts of the Seminary. It is forbidden to introduce other cars. Bicycles could be left in a storage, but the direction is not responsible for them.
In accordance with the law n. 3, art. 51 on 16/11/2003 in the Seminary smoking is not permitted.


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The religious house “The Seminary” is located in the very heart of Alba city centre. It is only 10 minutes away from the railway station and it is also reachable by car.

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