Le Camere del Seminario


The Chapel is dedicated to Virgin Mary of Good Advice. Its construction started on the 26th August 1902 and it was consecrated on the 19th of July 1906 by Monsignor Francesco Re. Giuseppe Gallo was the architect who projected the chapel, while Lorenzo Viglino and Lorenzo Borsa directed the works. It is 20 m long, 11,70 m wide and 15,50 m tall. It has a vault produced by 3 rib vaults which are generated by full center arches and flying buttress arches: this choice was made for the architectural safety. The architect wanted to intensify the harmonious combination of the decorative elements which is determined by the splendor and the colours of the marbles.

Giuseppe Gallo used 30 types of marble: some fragments are conserved at Museo Eusebio in Alba. The most important marbles are the following ones: Breccia di Viggiù, Verde di Susa, Varallo Polcevera, Rosso Belgio, Viale Asia, Rosa di Spagna, Rosso Verone and Sanguigno d’Africa.

The original floor in tiles is only in the sacristy: it has been substituted by a new floor in marble in 1961-1962. The altar was realized with onyx and white marble of Carrara. The mullioned windows were made in Germany. All the decorations with symbolism and Marian titles were made by Fedele Finati. Under the icon there is the cross with the Evangelists, while over the cross there is S.S. Trinity. All the decoration was elaborated by canonical Chiesa (1874-1946).

Cappella Madonna del  Buon Consiglio(1) Cappella Madonna del  Buon Consiglio(2) Cappella Madonna del  Buon Consiglio(3) Cappella Madonna del  Buon Consiglio(4) Cappella Madonna del  Buon Consiglio(5) Cappella Madonna del  Buon Consiglio(6)

Behind the icon there is the recess where you can find the statue of the Sacred Heart realized by the sculptor Vincenzo Demetz by Ortisei in 1956.

There is a wooden altar, realised by Pinotti Company from Mondovì. It was obtained by the previous balustrade realised by Favini.

It had also been the center of the stand for the choir.
The organ was realised in the middle of the XX century by Vegezzi Bassi Company from Centallo. It was inspected


The religious house “The Seminary” is located in the very heart of Alba city centre. It is only 10 minutes away from the railway station and it is also reachable by car.

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